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Reclaimed California Ranch Wood

Mt. View Beer Garden uses Pacific Heritage Wood products in their Bay Area restaurant.


From the beginning of this century we have been milling products for residential and commercial projects utilizing wood salvaged from deconstructed structures in the San Francisco Bay Area, the nearby Central Valley, and the Sierra foothills.  Most of our projects relied on reclaimed Douglas Fir, Pine, and Redwood.

Today we begin our focus on two product lines: reclaimed Pine and Redwood.


In 2017 the Sierra Nevada Conservancy estimated that more than 80 million trees died due to bark beetle infestation and an estimated 30 million more trees were lost to forest fires in three years. Additionally, they report that the forests are overgrown which results in more territory that appeals to bark beetles. Dead trees abound, leading to tree die-off from drought and bark beetles at an unprecedented scale. In the southern Sierra, more than 50 percent of pines have died; as much as 80 to 100 percent of the pines in heavily impacted areas have died.


Nearly all of our Pine source material comes from the removal of logs that have been salvaged by authorized foresters. Huge logs become big boards that yield long boards that yield useable boards for contractors and many diverse projects, including wall paneling. Harvesting good wood from damaged forests not only helps the forests heal, its logs yield beautiful pine for milling into wall paneling and other building projects.


With a mill located in Valley Springs, CA, we are ideally located between the northern Sierra forests  and the consumer market in the Bay Area.

We hope you’ll check out our Pine products and let us know of any questions or suggestions.

Statistics provided by Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

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