About Pacific Heritage Wood


Founded in 2000, Pacific Heritage Wood transforms previously utilized wood that originated in ancient Pacific Coast forests into products for residences and commercial spaces. We work closely with designers, architects, general contractors, woodworkers, cabinet makers, artists, DIY-ers, and others who appreciate the unique value of this wood.


To reduce the carbon footprint of our efforts, we find most of our source material in the San Francisco Bay Area and the nearby Central Valley of California.

Less than 5% of the original coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) remains. To help assure that today’s living old growth redwoods are left in peace, we donate a portion of our profits to conservation groups dedicated to preserving the remaining forests, especially the nearby Sempervirens Fund.

Client Satisfaction 
Our goal is to be your trusted source for reclaimed wood products. We gladly send samples for clients to evaluate. Many of our orders are milled to client specifications, so we like to have milling requirements clearly written and understood by all parties. Please review the information below and let us know any questions you have and any suggestions for improving our operation.

Disclaimers and gentle reminders
Wood that is salvaged from deconstruction sites will likely have character marks, nail holes and other evidence of prior use.

For projects with structural support requirements, please consult with a qualified engineer or architect before using any reclaimed, recycled, or salvaged wood.

Reclaimed materials with weathered surfaces, such as our California Ranch Wood and Barn Wood, have experienced years of exposure to extreme weather — hot summers with relentless sunshine and often torrential rain or snow in the winter. Boards may have checks or splits, and shipping and handling may exacerbate the condition. Applying glue at the delivery site may be necessary. This is to be expected for most installations of such material.