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Reclaimed Creative Mix Wall Paneling

Reclaimed pine plus occasional other local woods. Creative weathered surfaces may include hit & miss milling, rare lichens, and black paint. Variable widths (nominal 4-8”; net 3,5,7”). Uniform thickness (1/2 to 5/8”). Square Edges and resawn back. Source: abandoned mill in Soulsbyville, CA (Gold Rush town in Sierra Nevada foothills) and other reclaimed material. Price per Square Foot. 

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Reclaimed Pine, Weathered, Wall Paneling

Reclaimed Pine in Random Widths (nominal 4-8"; net 3,5,7") and Random Lengths. Square Edges and resawn back. Uniform thickness (1/2 to 5/8"). Weathered face. Source: abandoned mill in Soulsbyville, CA (Gold Rush town in Sierra Nevada foothills). Material is predominantly pine, but may also include occasional cypress or similar wood. Price per Square Foot. 



We specialize in milling products for residential and commercial projects utilizing wood salvaged from deconstructed structures in the San Francisco Bay Area and the nearby Central Valley of California.  Most of our source material is Redwood, Douglas Fir, and Pine.  Whether your project requires flooring, paneling, siding, or lumber for furniture or other implementation, we look forward to working with you to provide a beautiful, unique, and sustainable solution.

Transform your next project with authentic reclaimed wood from Pacific Heritage Wood.

Tongue and Groove Reclaimed Redwood Ceiling Paneling

Refreshing look with Reclaimed Redwood Select Grade (includes sap wood) ceiling paneling.  Also available with Select Heart Grade (no sap wood).

Historic Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood

Reclaimed railroad ties from the Oakland Army Depot yield dark, mineral rich coloration throughout the Old Growth Redwood.  Spike holes and other character marks testify to the years of rugged service during the last century.

No creosote was used on these RR ties, making the recovered Redwood ideal for special projects.   

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